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Lectures and Workshops

Below is a list the lectures and workshops we offer for events, conferences, and private groups. If you're interested in taking a particular workshop, check out our calendar here or sign up for our newsletter here, if you'd like to stay informed about when we'll be teaching in your area.

Classes are suitable for all relationship styles, configurations and gender identities. Singles are welcome, unless otherwise specified. Class times range from one hour lecture/book signing to 1.5 - 3 hour workshops to all day intensives and weekends.

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Workshop Offerings


Previous Appearances

    Patricia and Mark have lectured and given workshops at the following venues (partial list):
  • Smitten Kitten, Minneapolis
  • Aquarius Books, Kansas City, Mo.
  • Pathways Books, St. Louis, Mo.
  • Drew University, Madison, NJ
  • Sugar, Baltimore
  • Black Phoenix, Philadelphia
  • Passional, Philadelphia
  • SUNY, New Paltz, NY
  • Young Presidents Organization, NYC
  • AASECT Forum - DC
  • Midnite Oasis - NJ
  • Sexy Spirits - NYC
  • Dom/Sub Friends - NYC
  • Babeland, NYC
  • Bodhi Tree, LA
  • Something Yoga, Boca Raton, CA
  • East West Book, College Park, CA
  • Yoga Fuzion, La Jolla, CA
  • One Taste, SF
  • Awakenings, Katonah, NY
  • Dreaming Goddess, Poughkeepsie, NY
  • Metro Event Planners, NYC
  • Mirabai, Woodstock, NY
  • Inspired Books, Kingston, NY
  • Alternative Books, Kingston, NY
  • Inside Out Yoga Center, VA
  • Tantra Group, Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • London Festival of Tantra (Keynote Speakers)
  • Winter Solstice, NJ
  • Sacred Sexuality Round-Up, NYC
  • Akasha Con, Poughkeepsie
  • Dark Odyssey, MD
  • Winter Fire, Washington DC
  • Loving More, East Coast Conference
  • Free Spirit Gathering, Beltane, MD
  • Sacred Space, MD
  • Take A Bite Out of the Apple, Niagara Falls, Canada

  • Virginia Festival of the Book, VA
  • Red Hot Philly, PA

  • Hedonism II
  • Rooftop Resort, Hollywood, Fl.


Workshop Descriptions

  • Partners in Passion - Becoming More Than Soul Mates
    Lecture 1-1.5 hours

    Great sex and lasting relationships are mutual undertakings that are nurtured by selflessness, the deliberate cultivation of what we call profound interest in one's partner, a determination to be as kind as possible, even during difficult times, and a recognition that, while openness and honesty are important, discernment about when and how to be open and honest is equally important. Verbal communication plays a major role in developing the capacity to relate in this way; however, nonverbal skills are even more important.

    In this workshop, we will explore an approach to love and sex that differs dramatically from beliefs that are current both in popular culture and in much of the therapeutic community and provide you with both a theoretical perspective and practical tools for inventing or reinventing your relationship as a collaboration, a joint venture.

  • Relationship as Spiritual Practice Lecture with Exercises
    1-1.5 hours

    We've been taught to define love as "profound interest." In this workshop, we will explore some elements of successful relating and provide practical tools for sustaining your connection, while cultivating a sense of reverence, regardless of belief system, relationship style and sexual praxis. A simple shift in consciousness is all it takes when the going gets tough, and consciously maintaining an attitude of interest in your partner will make the good times even better

  • Basic Sexual Adventuring - Couples interactive workshop
    1 - 2 hours

    Whether you're in a sexually exclusive relationship or a more open one, treating your shared sexual activities as a joint adventure can help keep things fresh. The erotic intensity of any relationship is likely to diminish with time. One of the most effective ways to stay passionate is to jointly explore your sexuality consciously, to start pushing your boundaries a little.

    We define sexual adventuring as a shared undertaking with a clear set of purposes-generally, to build sexual self-awareness, find new sources of pleasure, and deepen intimacy. In this workshop, we'll examine the hows and whys of basic sexual adventuring, look at some ways for beginners to explore and provide you with insights on how to choose and plan your own adventures.

  • Forget Everything You've Heard - Popular Relationship Myths Debunked Lecture
    45 minutes - 1 hour

    Long-term relationships require people to maintain intimacy as well as separateness, comfort as well as passion. These aspects of a partnership can often feel like antitheses. Good sex is closely tied to the general health of a long-term relationship. Misguided beliefs about the nature of sex, love, and what it takes to have an enduring relationship are deeply embedded in Western culture. These cultural myths affect us whether we believe in them or not, because they are so persistent and pervasive. They frequently send us mixed messages, create unrealistic expectations, and lead us to reduce living human beings to stereotypes.

    In this workshop, we will examine ten of the biggest myths and the burden they place on all of us when we're interacting with real people. By recognizing the way these myths affect us, both consciously and unconsciously, we can reframe them, discard them, or at the very least minimize their power over us.

  • Secrets of Successful Open Relating - Pair-Bonded Alternatives to Conventional Monogamy Couples interactive workshop
    1 - 2 hours

    It may seem paradoxical at first, but it's possible to be in a form of open relationship while deepening your connection to your partner. This need not involve interacting sexually with others, although it can. Conventional monogamy, as commonly practiced in twenty-first century America, can be problematic and even stultifying for many. Sexless marriages, affairs, and the high divorce rate all reflect the unsustainability of unconscious monogamy. Developing a more flexible approach to relating can offer a more satisfying alternative to the conventional monogamous model for couples in long-term relationships. Our perspective, informed by our background in Tantra, is that relationships, and especially sexual relationships, function best when they are collaborative, and sexual exploration, of whatever kind, is a joint undertaking, based on each partner's desire to facilitate the other's growth. In this workshop, we'll examine these ideas in depth and provide you with practical tools for staying connected as you explore.

  • Communication is Important but Talking is Overrated - Non-verbal Communication, the Pathway to True Intimacy Interactive workshop
    1 to 1.5 hours

    While verbal communication is important, it is often vastly overrated. Developing the ability to attend to and work with non-verbal cues is an essential first step to creating the conditions for true understanding and intimacy. The process of speaking - from thought formation to verbal expression - usually takes people out of whatever experience they are having. In the context of a relationship, this means that talking often leads to polarization, even if the communication is consciously non-violent or the people involved are adept at active listening. Participants will learn basic techniques for becoming more skilled at connecting non-verbally. As well as gaining experiential knowledge, attendees will learn why these techniques are so effective.

  • Your Erotic Statement of Purpose: How to Lay the Foundation for a Designer Relationship
    Lecture with Exercises 1 - 2 hours

    It's common knowledge that having rules and sticking to them are a good idea, regardless of your relationship style. Some people relate unconsciously or have a series of tacit agreements or unexamined assumptions about the rules of their relationship. Some people advocate creating contracts, an approach that echoes the marriage contract. Contracts are fine as far as they go, but they are based on a legalistic, adversarial model. The adversarial model can be a polarizing one,, and composing a Statement of Purpose together can be far more valuable than signing a contract. It can help to reinforce the sense that your explorations are collaborative and co-created. It can also provide you with greater clarity about your motivations, intentions, and aspirations in pursuing a more sexually adventurous way of life.

    This workshop is open to all relationship configurations - singles, couples, and polyamorous. We'll explore the theory behind creating an erotic statement of purpose and help participants to begin drafting statements of their own.

  • Introduction to Tantra: How to Become a Sexual AKROBAT
    Lecture 45 minutes, extended version, up to 2 hours

    Tantra uses sexual energy for consciousness expansion.

    Join us for an honest discussion in which we will dispel some of the popular myths surrounding this ancient tradition. You will learn that elements of Tantric philosophy and practice can be easily applied to our modern lives in ways that do more than simply improve our sex lives.

  • Ananda Nidra: Tantric Meditation for the Modern World
    Workshop 2 hours

    In this two-hour workshop we will introduce you to some core principles of Tantric meditation and several different meditative approaches involving the senses. According to the Vijnanabhairava Tantra, a classic seventh- or eighth-centuryTantric text, the state that lies on the border between sleep and wakefulness is a profoundly mystical one. We will show you how to reach this state by rotating your consciousness through the body and then take you through a more complex rotation of consciousness, followed by a series of pleasurable sense memories. It is said that 45 minutes of this meditation is equivalent to more than three hours of sleep. You will emerge relaxed, refreshed, and energized.

  • Pleasure as Spiritual Practice
    Workshop 1.5 hours, extended version, up to 3 hours

    Most spiritual traditions -- both Eastern and Western -- take a dim view of pleasure. In Tantra, however, pleasure can be used as a tool for spiritual growth. Consciousness is the key to transforming mundane pleasure into something more profound. In this workshop, we will explore both the theory and practice of bringing consciousness to pleasurable experience and help you begin exploring your pleasure more fully and intentionally.

  • Relationship as Spiritual Practice
    Lecture 1.5 to 2 hours

    We've been taught to define love as "profound interest." In this workshop, we will explore some elements of successful relating and provide practical tools for sustaining your connection, while cultivating a sense of reverence, regardless of relationship style and sexual praxis. A simple shift in consciousness is all it takes when the going gets tough, and consciously maintaining an attitude of interest in your partner will make the good times even better.

  • Aghora Tantra
    Lecture 1.5 hours

    "By that which one falls, by that shall one rise." Aghora means "without fear." In this workshop we will discuss some of the more extreme Tantric practices in which social and personal boundaries are consciously crossed for the purpose of spiritual evolution. Tantra recognizes that one pathway to opening up higher consciousness is through shocking the system. Practices such as piercing, meditation in cremation grounds, and imbibing of mind altering substances are traditionally practiced. Along with these traditional rituals, we will discuss ways in which the Aghoric approach can adapted and employed in modern, Western society. We will also discuss the often misunderstood fierce aspects of the deities, Kali and Shiva

  • Tantric Erogenous Zones
    Workshop 45 minutes - extended version, up to 1 1/2 hours

    In Tantric sexual practice, it is important to prolong the excitement phase. The Tantric and Ayurvedic traditions have long recognized specific zones of the body that are particularly responsive to stimulation, and some schools of Tantra (particularly in South India) have developed a systematic approach to the stimulation of these zones in order to produce high states of arousal. This system was introduced to the West by Dr. Jonn Mumford in 1976 and is still little known. In this workshop, we will introduce you to to these zones and the basic principles for working with them systematically.

  • Chakras and Sexuality
    Workshop 2 hours

    The basic aspects of the classical Tantric Chakra system are familiar to many, but some of the lesser- known components can be the most powerful, if you know how to utilize them. Each Chakra contains hidden keys to sensual exploration. In this workshop, you will learn techniques for unleashing the power of the Chakras.

  • Principles of Sex Magic
    Workshop 3 hours

    Tantra and Western Sex Magic have many elements in common. The magical and alchemical aspects of the Tantric path are not widely discussed and are sometimes frowned upon as unspiritual. Tantra is not only a tool for the expansion of consciousness; Tantric practices can be used to effect change in both the inner and outer worlds, and this class will give you some basic techniques for doing so.

    Autoerotic Mysticism: Conscious self-pleasuring is a powerful technique both as a form of meditation and as a magical tool. You will learn to use masturbation to effect changes in yourself and your environment or simply to improve your emotional state. Discover a simple, straightforward and practical approach to Sex Magic. The principles of Autoerotic Mysticism can be used in the context of any form of sexual activity. We will explain both the theory and practice of Autoerotic Mysticism.

    Perfume Magic: Sexual scents and their magical power.

  • Elements of the Tantric Maithuna
    Lecture 1 1/2 hours

    Tantric Sexual ritual is a physical re-enactment of Tantric metaphysics - the view that the universe itself (which is comprised of five elements) is a concrete manifestation of the ongoing sexual union between Shiva and Shakti. It is also an enactment of a process that is taking place internally, the union of the male and female elements that exist within each and every one of us. By bringing awareness to these processes, the very things that make life possible, by removing them from the realm of the reflexive and mechanical, we can transform acts that are perceived as ordinary into acts that are imbued with meaning and sacredness. In this workshop, we will examine the theory and practice of Tantric sexual ritual, also known as the Maithuna, Panchamakara. or 5-M (for the five elements) ceremony.


lotus flower


I would like to thank the two of you for giving us one of the best nights of our lives...After you left, we could not stop talking about everything we learned and about the two of you. This morning a lot of my friends called me inquiring last night and all I said was that it was unbelievable.

- JB, New York, about an introductory class for a group of women.

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